Travel the world
while working remotely

People think that travel starts and ends with a round-trip flight. But if you go a little deeper, you'll realize it stays with you forever. 

Nomadize is a membership-only platform that enables remote professionals to travel, live, and work (remotely) together. We have experiences in select locations all around the world, each designed with a specific wellness-focus that captures the heart of each city and it's culture.​

While you make room for life-long connections, personal and professional growth, and a new perspective on life, we go beyond traditional borders to make sure you have the structure and support you need to help redefine yourselves.

You bring the job, we bring the adventure. Welcome to your new life.

​Today's travelers.

What can you expect?

Hassle-free Travel

Come in knowing we've already arranged for your transportation, accommodation, workspace, and holistic living experiences.

Holistic Living

With carefully curated wellness experiences in each location, we guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself.

Productive Paradise

With full-time access to coworking spaces in each destination, you can stay inspired and bring your original ideas to life.

A Global Community

Travel with a group of inspiring professionals from around the world that share your passions and interests.

Professional Growth

Learn from experts and each other through seminars, panel discussions, skill shares, peer-to-peer workshops, and more.

Cultural Immersion

Get the opportunity to deeply immerse yourself in unique cultures through our community events, local mixers, and more.

​Discover a new way
to experience