Island Paradise

Focus: helicopter - island tour

  • Sant-Gilles, Ile de la réunion
  • One month or Two weeks
  • Local time: 07/13/2024, 04:31 (+2:00 hours from your current location)

Ile de la Réunion is a hidden gem in the Indian Ocean, 800km east of Madagascar. This enchanting, emerald island remains off-the-beaten path and its unspoilt beaches, turquoise lagoons and lush forests are ripe for adventure!

Reunion’s natural treasures include volcanic cliffs, tropical jungles, waterfalls, cloud forests, lava tunnels, cirques, and ravines. The island boasts 12 microclimates and a topography so unique that over 40% of the island is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From the rugged coastline, migrating dolphins and humpback whales can be seen leaping from the water. Lagoons, white-sand beaches, and natural coral reefs on the west coast, the basalt rock cliffs on the east, the intimidating black sand beaches and shipwreck coves in the south. The Island truly offers an abundance of biodiversity.

Popular activities include:

  • Full day trek up the side of the volcanic Piton de la Fournaise
  • Hiking the highest peak in the Indian Ocean - the Piton des Neiges
  • Visiting one of the most beautiful villages in France - Hell-Bourg, Salazie
  • Take a helicopter tour of the island over spectacular landscapes and waterfalls that are only accessible by air (included in package)
  • Visiting the weekend street markets where you can discover handicrafts and cuisine unique to the island!

The tiny, French-speaking Island is also home to a vibrant, multi-ethnic community. As a historic trading post, centuries of migration from Africa, Asia, Europe, and India led to a melting pot of cultures on Reunion, blending to form a culture, identity, and cuisine unique to the island – commonly known as Creole. Reunion’s rich diversity of traditions and cultures and, of course, its friendly inhabitants, is what makes the island an unmissable destination.

From the spectacular natural landscapes to its authentic and vibrant culture, Reunion Island offers something for everyone!

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Working Remotely in Reunion Island

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the significance of community engagement. At Réunion, you can tap into the compassion within yourself as you continue to work remotely. We give you the structure and support you need to merge your passion for volunteering with balancing the requirements of working full-time. You will be staying at private accommodations - in hotels or villas, in the heart of the city. While our dedicated retreat hosts help you experience the place as an insider as you strive to make a difference in your own way.

What's Included

  • Accommodation: private rooms in our exclusive Hotels or Villas
  • 24/7 ultra high-speed internet access
  • Volunteering activities: participate in community engagement activities with our partner organizations
  • Airport pickup upon arrival
  • Networking opportunities, community events, social functions and activities
  • Workshops: wellness, professional and peer-to-peer
  • An experienced retreat host

Learn more about what’s included

Accommodation on Reunion Island

There are two accommodation packages to choose from: Private Hotel Accommodation  Room in a private villa  Our Hotel Accommodation package offers an air-conditioned room with an ensuite bathroom and a private garden terrace or balcony. In addition, you will have access to a communal kitchen, heated swimming pool and Balinese-inspired lounge areas in a hotel …

Co-working space in Reunion Island

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Who is this Program for?

Nomadize organizes trips for like-minded individuals who enjoy challenges, value wellness, inspire change, and boldly seek a life of adventure over one of routine. Our participants are visionaries that are making choices that are right for them—disrupting the 9-to-5 paradigm by integrating their work and life seamlessly. They include professionals who are:

  • Freelancers, consultants, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, business owners;
  • Going through transitions in their professional careers;
  • Looking for a more structured sabbatical in which to grow their skillsets;
  • Ready to invest in themselves and in making their ideal lifestyle a reality.

Cancellation and Transfer Policy

A refundable deposit of $250 is required at time of booking to secure space. Full payment is required 60 days before departure date.

If you decide to cancel your trip, the following fees apply and are due when we receive notice of your cancellation:

  • 91+ days prior to departure = $0
  • 61 to 90 days = $250
  • 31 to 60 days prior to departure = 50% of the total trip cost is non-refundable
  • 0 to 30 days prior to departure = 100% of the trip cost is non-refundable

If you instead transfer to another trip, the following fees are due at the time of the request:

  • 61+ days prior to departure = $0
  • 31 to 60 days = $250
  • 0 to 30 days prior to departure = 100% of the trip cost is non-refundable
  • To protect your investment, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance

Consider as you sign up

  • Airline tickets: Please check with us before purchasing your airline tickets to ensure your trip is confirmed with the minimum number of participants required to operate.
  • Travel insurance: To protect your travel investment, we highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. Please contact us or see details.
  • Nomadize membership: Get a member discount on most Nomadize Experiences plus other valuable benefits.

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