Travel and Leisure recently released their annual travel awards. From outlining the best hotels around the world, to the top airlines to fly with — the awards showcased all the amazing things this planet has to offer. One list that really caught our eye was the Top 15 Cities in the World. The cities were ranked by readers who looked at a couple of parameters: cuisine, culture, shopping, sites and friendliness.  Pretty much the main things you look for when deciding where to travel to next. The scores were out of 100. With the top city, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, scoring just under 93.

After reading the article, and getting a serious urge to jump on a plane ASAP. We narrowed down the list of 15 to our five favorites.

Below are the cities that we are feeling major wanderlust for and cannot wait to travel to.

Istanbul, Turkey

T&L Score: 87.09

Sitting on the border between two continents, Asia and Europe . Istanbul is a fun and enthralling mix of different cultures, and definitely a MUST see place to travel to. Istanbul has much to see, including some of the prettiest churches in the world. And the best way to experience the city is by simply walking around and getting a bit lost. With great weather, stunning views of the skyline and the Sea of Marmara, you could spend weeks here and still not experience it all.


Oaxaca, México

T&L Score: 90.52

Many say you travel to Oaxaca to experience the very best of Mexico. With its diverse scenery, mountains, beaches and everything in between, we get what they mean. The capital, also named Oaxaca, is a designated UNESCO site. Oaxaca is the place to go to see, feel and smell the real flavor of Mexico. Think fried empanadas, spicy hot chocolate and artisan markets.

Hoi An, Vietnam

T&L Score: 88.09

One of the most relaxing and laid back areas of Vietnam. Hoi An is the perfect place to travel to and just sit back, watch a beautiful sunset and drink an inexpensive beer. The town is packed with classic architecture, picturesque avenues and cute cafes. It is also a great place to try out some of the local delicacies. Including cau lao, a noodle and pork dish that the town is especially known for.


Florence, Italy

T&L Score: 88.29

The birthplace of the Renaissance, and even today an artist mecca. The stunning northern Italian city of Florence is a must see for culture, and food lovers. With over 1 million pieces of Renaissance art to check out, not to mention the hometown of many famous fashion brands (Gucci, anyone?). You may find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the opulence. But don’t worry. If you are needing a break, simply rent a moped and head out into the nearby Tuscan countryside. Here you can sample some of the best wine in the world.

Ubud, Indonesia

T&L Score: 88.74

Often described as the cultural heart of the tourist capital of Bali, the small town of Ubud a thriving destination for art, culture and nature. While the town can be a bit noisy, there are so many peaceful temples in and around the city . Not to mention the nearby rice fields that are just as stunning as they are quiet. Check out some of the local artists, take a cooking class or relax with a nice massage .  No matter what you do, you may find it hard to leave.

Which might be why the city has quickly become a digital nomad hotspot. So if you are thinking about staying in Ubud forever, don’t worry you aren’t alone.


While the world is teeming with fun, unique destinations, these five seem to have it all. Good food, good culture, and lots to do. You will never get bored adventuring around. If you are curious about the other ten cities that Travel and Leisure outlined as “can’t miss” then check out the full article here.


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