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Some people travel for art, or for good beaches, some travel just to try amazing beer. But for some the draw of traveling comes down to one thing: food. Foodies have quickly created their own travel itineraries — lists of places to see because of how amazing the cuisine is. And we are not judging, food is an integral part of a trip. And while almost every country has some unique dishes to offer, only a few countries stand out as must-visits for food lovers. Below is a list of some we believe to be the best.

Thailand — while Thailand is probably more famous for their beaches and temples, their food should definitely be up there as a top selling point for travelers as well. With so much diversity depending on your location, more seafood in the south, more spices in the north, you can take a food tour and still not try all the unique and special dishes Thailand has to offer. The main thing here is to not be afraid to eat like the locals. That means checking out street food stalls and hole-in-the-wall places. Also, don’t limit yourself to things you might already know, for example pad thai. Instead be adventurous!

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Mexico — a staple in American towns everywhere these days, Mexican food is pretty common. But eating real, authentic Mexican cuisine? That’s a whole other ball game. Taking a trip to the country is the perfect excuse to try out some new dishes, or to see how your local taqueria stacks up to the places where it all began. With lots of different smells and tastes, you never know what you are gonna find. If you are looking for more spice or more diverse options, head to Mexico City. If you want delicious fish tacos, head west to the Baja Peninsula.

mexican food

India — you might be starting to see a trend: the best “foodie” destinations are places that offer many diverse cuisines. No one wants to go to a place where they serve up the same old dishes, day after day. That gets boring fast. India is the exact opposite of boring, in all ways. But especially when it comes to the food. You can try lots of different dishes, many of them relatively healthy, or at least vegetarian. With lots of flavors, colors and spices, you will not definitely not get bored while doing a food tour of India.

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Japan — if you are a fan of seafood, then this island nation should be at the top of your list. With so many different varieties of fresh seafood, often sold at much cheaper prices than other places, it is easy to get lost in the appeal of Japanese food. Plus they have a strong street food scene, delicious sushi and a just as special tea culture. Altogether, Japan is a foodie heaven.

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Food is an integral part of any culture, meaning it is a common point in most travels. It would be hard, and just kind of sad, to go to a place and not try their local cuisines. While many, if not all countries have something delicious to offer, these four countries in particular stand out as must-sees for anyone wanting to expand their palate!


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