Sometimes travel isn’t as reasonable as it seems. A lot of things can get in the way, preventing us from being able to just pack up and go — work, school, sporting events and so on — the list is never-ending. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely let go of your thirst for adventure.

Read travel blogs

While we might not always be able to pack up and hit the road, there is no reason why we can’t experience travel. All you need is a quick internet search for “travel blogs” and you will be hit with almost 3 billion pings. Read about other people’s experiences and feel like you are living in their moments (while maintaining your own perspective).

Check out No Desk Project’s publication for some great travel advice and inspiration! And check out well known travel blogger Nomadic Matt for some serious travel expertise.

Stay in a local hostel or Airbnb

Sometimes all it takes is a little escape from our humble abode to realize that travel doesn’t need to be extensive. Stay in a local hostel or Airbnb to escape the realities of life and meet some new travel-minded friends along the way! Taking a break from the 9–5 doesn’t have to be complicated, sometimes all you have to do is venture from your home for a little relaxation.

Eat international food

Trying local cuisine is usually a travel-must for world adventurers. You get to experience a little bit of culture in every new dish your try and it becomes a part of your travel experience.

But trying new foreign food doesn’t only have to happen abroad. Next time your out-and-about and all of your friends are indecisive about where to go for dinner, suggest that new ethnic restaurant that just opened in the center of town — and order the most unique dish. You’ll be happy you did.

Always try to experience culture through food, even if that means trying to cook a foreign dish at your home. It might not be as ideal as swinging by a restaurant on your way home from work, but it will certainly make you feel good that you tried and you’ll probably even surprise yourself a little bit.

Be a tourist in your city

I’ll admit — it’s hard to be a tourist in your own town, especially when you have the mindset that you’ve already seen every possible square inch… but that is usually not the case. It’s easy to overlook parts of your city, but maybe there is a crowded tourist destination that you have yet to visit or a new restaurant that just opened. Either way, there is likely still something you have yet to explore.

Make a list of five or ten things that you want to explore in your city and get out there! You will probably be surprised with how much it has to offer.

Host travelers

Being able to meet new people is a great way to experience a new culture and fulfill your wanderlust. It makes you feel more connected to the world. So, if you have a spare bedroom (or even a couch) consider hosting a nomad and meet new connections all over the world.

Go to a cultural festival in your city

Your city is probably home to at least one (but probably more) cultural festivals — one of the best ways to get you feeling in the travel spirit. Cultural festivals often come with traditional food, new people, and many cultural activities (queue the dancing and loud music). Checking out a cultural festival will make you feel like you are in a foreign country without even leaving your city! What could be better?

Relive past trips

Pull out all of those old photo albums and relive some of your greatest adventures! It’s always exciting to take a little trip down memory lane and see where you have been and what you’ve accomplished throughout your journey. And hey, it might even get you motivated to start planning for your future trips.

Don’t think of a plane ticket as a requirement for traveling — you can still satisfy your wanderlust in many ways, right in the comfort of your own city. So take a little bit of time today to cure your travel craving and expand your horizons. It’s not as difficult as you might think.


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