Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime?  Even if you’re pinching pennies, there are plenty of ways to plan the epic getaway you’re craving.  Here’s how to take an amazing adventure without overspending.

Think domestic

Staying in the states can really stretch your travel funds.  You can save on passport, airfare, and customs fees, and to top it all off, you could even take a road trip and go camping.  There isn’t much that’s more adventurous than heading out on the highway and sleeping under the stars, and some experts feel camping is also the ultimate in inexpensive travel.  Options are plentiful as well.  When it comes to terrain, views, and action, the National Park system offers camping locations with a tremendous variety, from beaches to mountains to backcountry.  Topping it all off, you can outfit yourself inexpensively, getting your gear from retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods, which has virtually all the adventure-related goodies you could want, and with extra coupons and promo codes, you can snag it all for a song.  

Rent your wheels

If a road trip and camping sound delightful, but you want a little more substantial lodging than a tent, renting an RV can be just the ticket.  Forbes points out RV travel offers freedom and flexibility, it’s low-cost, and it’s a people-friendly option if you want to socialize while you’re exploring.  You can hang around a campfire making new friends, or you can go it alone in a remote location.  Switch it up to your heart’s content, while saving money and exploring all the while.  For your RV rental, check out savings opportunities from online sources like Cruise America to find the right wheels to fit your budget.  

Enjoy good eats

The cost of meals can add up quickly when you travel, but with some planning and good packing, you can bring your own food and enjoy cooking out and picnicking.  Even if you camp, your food doesn’t need to be dull or dry.  Check into some stress-free meals you can cook over an open flame, which are also inexpensive and healthy.  You can make everything from hot breakfast sandwiches to one skillet meals, and cookies to salads, without investing much fuss or money.  Readymade food packs are another great option, and retailers like Walmart offer plenty of convenient choices, just check their current deals to see what looks tantalizing.   

Volunteer to go abroad

If domestic travel is out of the question, consider a volunteer vacation.  U.S. News points out volunteer tourism is an exciting opportunity to not only savor another culture, but make a difference in the world.  You can build houses, tend injured animals, or work with children.  Think about what you’re passionate about, what part of the world you want to see, and what kind of accommodations will suit you best.  While volunteering doesn’t mean your trip will be free, it does mean certain aspects of your trip will be inexpensive or covered by the organization you’re helping.  As an example, you can volunteer with the Peace Corps at a starting rate of $95 per week, and 100 percent of those funds go straight to the family that hosts you, and toward the project in which you’re engaged.

Go with a group

Sometimes sharing your adventures is half the fun.  If traveling with a group is more your cup of tea, consider a tour with a group like Responsible Travel.  They specialize in lower-cost adventure tours, and you have a selection of compelling destinations, from enjoying yoga in Greece, to climbing Mongolian mountain ranges, to a hiking holiday in Spain.  With a tour, you have certain advantages that can be appealing, such as a guide, built-in comrades, a straightforward itinerary, and a set budget.  Explore their special offers to find the right fit for you.  

If you thought your budget would make an epic adventure out of reach, think again!  A little planning can go a long way toward stretching your dollars, and opportunities abound.  Whether you decide to see the world or spend your nights under the stars, pack your bags – exploration awaits!

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