The culture of India can be traced back to ages ago which is clear due to the presence of innumerable ancient temples that dot the entire nation. These places have been worshipped for a very long time and have attracted tourists from all over the world. These temples are well renowned for their significance and historical importance. If you are looking to explore the charming aura of India then you should definitely pay a visit to the given below ancient temples:

  • Kedarnath (Uttarakhand)

Situated on top of a hill in the district of Rudraprayag is one of the oldest lord Shiva temples in India. The temple is accessible by covering a trekking journey or by availing one of the most comfortable Helicopter Services For Kedarnath Yatra. The original date of the construction of the temple is still unknown and some believe that it was built by the Pandava brothers along with the other temples for Panch Kedar Yatra. The temple is so old that it was once completely covered under snow during the mini ice age which had covered a major portion of Rudraprayag for 400 years. The spiritual aura here is very pure and positive.

  • Lad Khan Temple (Karnataka)

Dedicated to lord Shiva this humble looking temple is one of the oldest temples in India since it was constructed during the 5th century. Located in the district of aihole the temple was created by the kings of Chalukya dynasty who ruled Karnataka during that age and were well known for being very religious. The temple is named so, since a person called Lad Khan ahd turned this holy temple into his place of residence for a small duration. This is the oldest and the most ancient temple in Aihole and attracts a huge number of tourist who want to witness this age old wonder.

  • Mahabalipuram group of Monument(Tamil Nadu)

Classified under the UNESCO world heritage site, these group of structures date abck to the ancient ages to as old as 7th to 8th century. The coastal town of Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram itself dates back to 1st or 2nd century so these groups of monuments that reside by the coromandel coast are of incredible significance. This open-air rock reliefs complex consists of over 400 ancient monuments, temples and shrines like – mandap viharas, stone cut temples, arjuna’s penance, the descent of Ganges etc. a visit here will feel like you have stepped into a time machine.

  • Kailashnath Temple (Maharashtra)

Famous all over the world for being one of the largest Indian rock cut structure, this ancient temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and is visited by a huge number of devotees all year long. It is 1 out of the 34 cave temples here in Ellora and its construction was undertaken by Krishna 1, a rashtrakuta king in the 8th century. This is definite due to the presence of inscriptions and scripts citing so. It has also found its mention in a number of old important holy Hindu books.

  • Tungnath Temple (Uttarakhand)

Located on the elevation of 3,680 metres above sea level en route Chandrashila peak, this is also one of the oldest temples in India. The exact date of the temple remains a mystery and is said to have been built by the mythological heroes of Pandava brothers. The temple looks very humble and is small in space but being dedicated to lord Shiva it is visited by a huge throng of devout from all over India. It is also believed that the evil king Raavan is said to have meditated here at raavanshila to bholenath.

  • Konark Sun Temple (Odisha)

Built in the 13th century by the kings of the eastern ganga dynastythis temple is a famous UNESCO world heritage site in Odisha. The Gangetic temple is in ruins right now and currently is without a viman on top. It was built in the form of a chariot consisting of 12 pair of wheels and 7 horses out of khondalite rocks. This place is a true mark of expert craftsmanship and pristine kalinga architecture. Although in shambles the temple of the sun is visited by a number of devotees on a daily basis especially during the festival season.

  • Virupaksha Temple (Karnataka)

Designated as a famous UNESCO world heritage site this temple is dedicated to virupaksha which is an incarnation of lord Shiva. As a part of the ancient monuments of Hampi the temple’s construction can be dated back to around 7th century by the Chalukya rulers of Karnataka. Wat started off as a construction for a small temple shrine was expanded and adorned further by the vijaynagar rulers later on. The place presently attracts a lot of people looking to take a look at the bygone era of India. These structures represent the actual and incredible collection of finely and intricately created temples and monuments.


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