Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for remote workers — and for a good reason. Between its many coworking spaces and cafes, to its luxurious (yet cheap) accommodations, Bali has become a hotspot for those seeking an affordable yet friendly environment to work, live, and meet other digital nomads.

This island hub for digital nomads is located in Indonesia and is home to many activities that will help you have the perfect work-life balance.

Check out our 6 favorite things about Bali:

Cheap Prices and Affordable Housing

One of the best things about Bali is the cost of living. If you are a fan of living like a local and eating traditional food, then Bali is the city for you. It is a great place to find affordable accommodation (don’t worry, you don’t have to give up quality for affordability) and transportation.

Bali, Indonesia villa

The beautiful sights

Of course, you can’t go to Bali without visiting the beautiful rice terraces. But Bali also happens to be home to many other beautiful sights that are worth exploring. Check out some carefully crafted temples, cascading waterfalls, and sandy beaches for an experience to remember.

And of course, you can’t forget the Monkey Forest! It is one of the most interactive and fun encounters on the island.

Bali, Indonesia Rice Terraces

The length of your stay

It is incredibly easy to spend long amounts of time adventuring around Bali. Stay for one week or one year — either way, you are going to experience a great taste of the Balinese culture.

Bali is also a lively place for digital nomads to explore. It has a never ending list of cafes and coworking spaces each providing a unique experience for the average remote worker. Two of the most popular are: Dojo and Hubud.

Internet and Wifi is in abundance

With the fast growth of digital nomads living and thriving in Bali, the island has quickly built up their Wifi and internet, and today you can get a connection on most street corners. Wifi is in abundance due to the increase in cafes, coworking spaces, small restaurants, and private homes and hostels.


Because Bali is a digital nomad haven, the amount of coworking spaces has drastically increased. The need for productivity has been met, and people now have the ability to work in a career-minded, non-traditional office with other like-minded travelers.

Bali, Indonesia Coworking

There is something for everyone

Bali truly has something for everyone! Not an ocean lover? Don’t worry you can always check out the stunning temples or interact with some of Earth’s beloved creatures at the Monkey Forest. And the food in Bali is very diverse — it may just be one of the easiest places to get a vegan meal. The food scene in Bali heavily depends on a raw and healthy vegan diet — a movement that has become very popular within the last few years. The balinese cuisine is also very special for its usage of spices, fresh vegetables, and meat/fish.

Bali, Indonesia Temple

If you are interested in exploring Bali with other like minded digital nomads, check out our yoga and meditation focused program! We introduce you to all of Bali’s highlights, and help you become fully immersed in the Balinese culture.


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