I am sure we all get that intense, built up excitement right before a vacation. We lay out all our clothes and figure out exactly what places we want to see (and Instagram). And the night before we can barely sleep because our mind is just racing about how fun we are going to have.


But wait! Before your mind gets too ahead of you–and all you are thinking about is sipping cocktails on a beach–make sure to do these five things before jumping on that plane and heading off on your next adventure.

Alert your credit card company.

Right before heading out on your trip make sure to call your credit card company to ensure that your card will work in your new destination. This is especially important when going overseas or switching between different countries and states.

Confirm all reservations.

Even if you are almost positive that you have booked everything you need–rental car, hotel, and tours, it doesn’t hurt to double check just to make sure. Call to confirm everything you have reserved and if you can, even print it out so if anything goes wrong you have documents in hand. This is especially important for flights.


Throw out, give away or eat all perishable food.

No one wants to come home to gross, smelly, rotten food. So to make sure your kitchen is nice and fresh when you get back from your vacation. Make sure to throw out or give away any food that you know is going to spoil when you’re gone. Or better yet–just eat it!

Leave an itinerary with a neighbor, friend, or family member.

This is a smart precaution and one that doesn’t really take much time at all. Making sure someone knows about all your travel plans, including departure and return dates, is a smart move, and something you will be very thankful for if something would go wrong.


Check the weather.

Kind of a no brainer, but something not a lot of people do. Get a forecast of your destination for the number of days you are gonna there. This will help you pack all the necessities and leave things at home you probably won’t need. And when you are about to head home, check the weather there too–this will ensure you don’t get off the plane in a dress while it’s snowing out (that’s never fun).

Doing these five things can ensure that you will have the best vacation ever. While they might not seem like much, and most are relatively easy, they truly can make or break a vacation or trip.


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