When you think of working remotely, positions like computer programmers, web developers and other tech-y jobs probably come to mind. But what if there were other options for remote work? Some that allowed you to follow your passions, while also allowing you to follow your dream of traveling or living abroad?

working remotely

Below are four jobs you probably wouldn’t think about as “remote.” But with the advent of computers and almost worldwide WiFi, anything is now possible.

Fitness Trainer

The biggest obstacle here is to find a new base of clients. You can do this by putting up flyers on message boards, sending out posts on social media or just talking to people in person at coffee shops or co-working spaces. Though, if you are wanting to keep some of your older clients, then that could be possible too! Simply run your clients that are back home through exercises and workouts via a computer screen.

working remotely

Adventure Sports Guide

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a couple months guiding others through activities you are passionate about? Now is the perfect chance to get out there and do it! There are tons of opportunities around the world for adventure seekers wanting to work in an industry they love. From rafting, to canyoneering, to hiking to almost any outdoor activity. Spend a couple months as a guide and get paid to do what you love.


Writers have been traveling for inspiration seemingly since the dawn of literary time. So why not join the movement and take your writing skills to a new town, country or continent. Settle into a cozy cafe in Amsterdam, or write on the white sands of a tropical island. Changing your location has been shown to help creativity. So if you are experiencing a writer’s block, pack your suitcase and hop on the next outbound plane.

working remotely

Personal Adviser

This can cover a wide range of areas. From personal shopping and travel planning, to something more unique, like planning your perfect engagement. It is easy to build an online clientele where you give all of your wisdom through personal online conversations to simply having a website that hundreds flock to learn about the next big thing!

When it comes to working remotely, you aren’t always limited to working in the tech field, i.e. web development or app creator. There are lots of jobs out there that allow you to make a good living, all while doing something you love. So if you are considering joining the revolution, but don’t know if you can make your job work remotely, think again!


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